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Dan Slinky

DevSecOps Engineer

Something, Something, Something, DevOps

Things I Do

  • Cycle
  • Drink too much coffee
  • Write code
  • Automate things
  • Hunt bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Collaborate and contribute


Below you can find out more about my skills and experience.

DevOps technologies

Microservices FTW!

Experienced DevOps Engineer with strong understanding of application and infrastructure orchestration including Docker, Kubernetes, ECS and Terraform. Proven track record in Cloud and other hosting systems including GCP, AWS, Alibaba, Azure and Digital Ocean.

Open Source technology

Open Source advocate

Extensive Unix/Linux experience including RedHat and Debian systems and their derivatives. I have limited Microsoft product expertise (a conscious & reasoned decision), but I'm comfortable managing small desktop, server and cloud deployments including Active Directory/LDAP & 365.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

I have a keen interest in Cyber Security, fostered by a continued need to develop and implement secure systems and an active role in bug bounty programmes and other vulnerability discovery activities.


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You can email me or use some social media, with links on the right. My GPG signature is available via Keybase.